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Original Illuminated Leather Shift Knob
Original Illuminated Leather Shift Knob Quantity in Basket: None
Code: IllLeatherKnob
Price: $195.00
Shipping Weight: 0.90 pounds
Select Minor (Front) leather color:
Select Major (Rear) leather color:
Select Shift Pattern Insert:
5-Speed w/ M logo pattern
6 Speed M Stripe
6-Speed w/ M Logo
Select Wiring Option (SEE NOTE BELOW):

The same as our Original Leather Shift Knob only Illuminated. Available in both monochromatic (one color) and 2-tone color combination. 2-tone color combination consist of a Minor and Major section. The Minor section is the front panel (black in the knob above) and the Major section is the rear panel (Beige in the picture above). All knobs ship with a complete (male and female halves) OEM BMW connector with extra wire one end. If your car has the same connector, you can plug our knob right in. If you car has a different connector or no connector at all, we also supply 2 tap-in connectors so you can retrofit our knob and still have a connector should you ever need to remove the knob.

We offer the following shift pattern inserts with your shift knob

M 5 Speed Insert

6 Speed M Stripe Insert

M 6 Speed Insert

Selecting the correct wiring option

Up until 2001, BMW used a specific wiring harness on all illuminated shift knobs. Beginning in 2001 cars, BMW changed to a different connector. Please check your car prior to purchase to make sure you select the correct wiring option!

Pre-2001 Connector (without retrofit kit)

If your BMW was built prior to 2001 and has an OEM illuminated shift knob, this is the correct wiring option for you.

Pre-2001 Connector with Retrofit Kit - Add $20

If your BMW does not have an OEM illuminated shift knob, select this option. It comes with a retrofit kit to add illumination to your Shift knob.

If your car is a 2001+ car and DOES NOT HAVE an illuminated shift knob, you must order this connector!

2001+ Connector (without retrofit kit)

If your BMW was built after 2001 and has an OEM illuminated shift knob, this is the correct wiring option for you. This option does not include a retrofit kit. Please verify that your car has the smaller, white connector prior to ordering.

If your car does not have an illuminated shift knob, DO NOT ORDER THIS CONNECTOR! You must order the Pre-2001 Connector in order to retrofit an illuminated shift knob!

Ships in: 4-9 Days from Order Date

Additional Images:


Illuminated Pattern

Illuminated Shift Knob

Retrofit Kit

Available Leather Colors


If you have one of our shift knobs and send us a picture, we will use it on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color Illumination do you use?

Since we are re-working the OEM BMW Leather Shift Knob, the illumination will be Red.

I want a shift pattern insert you do not have listed. What other inserts are available?

We offer all the inserts we can get from BMW. Some inserts will allow Illumination and some will not. That is why some are or aren't available for your particular shift knob.

My car does not have an illuminated shift knob. Will your illuminated shift knob work?

Yes. Our Illuminated Shift Knobs are sold as a 'Complete Kit'. Please choose the Option for: 'Pre-2001 Connector with Retrofit Kit'. This includes a wiring harness as well as detailed instructions for adding illumination.

What is your return policy on shift knobs?

It depends. Some combinations are more popular than others. Because of this, we unfortunately have to handle this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us.

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